Doctypes & Pages

There are multiple doctypes between single, regular and child tables across three Modules.


  • Renovation Image Settings [Renovation Setup]: Apply thumbnails and apply image scaling automatically on images uploaded.


  • Broadcast Message[Renovation Core]: Used to send messages through different channels instantly (FCM, Email, SMS).

  • Renovation Dashboard [Renovation Dashboard Def]: Create dashboards to be rendered in the frontend. It can be customized to be shown for certain roles.

    • Renovation Dashboard Layout[Renovation Dashboard Def]: The layout criteria of a list of dashboards in a grid for instance (width x height).

  • Renovation DocDefaults[Renovation Setup]: Rules to set fields of a doctype by default. There are three options: Static, Evaluate (write python code in the doctype), or Method which is invoking a python function written in the app.

  • Renovation DocField[Renovation Core]: The data holding doctype for DocField Manager Page.

  • Renovation Report[Renovation Setup]: An extension to "Reports" to add filtering functionality of the fields in the report.

  • Renovation Script[Renovation Core]: A JS script written for a doctype that will be evaluated in the frontend impacting UI and/or functionality in the form. Check Renovation-CMS.

  • Renovation Sidebar[Renovation Core]: Managing the sidebar in the front-end app. Can be specific per roles.


  • DocField Manager[Renovation Core]: Control what fields of a doctype to show/hide (maybe development specific field that need not be shown to a client). It can be configured globally, per role or per user. This is different than permissions.

Features & APIs

In addition to the functionalities that the doctypes/pages bring to the table, below are the features that renovation_core provide either behind the scenes or as API

  • Authentication using SMS

  • Using JWT instead of SID in cookies for authentication. Useful in case of SSR applications and in Flutter applications.

  • Integration with FCM (Token registration, unregister, and mark as seen).

  • Added FCM as a channel in Notification doctype.

  • Uploading file using with progress indication (instead of a single blocking request).

  • Custom getList API to get child tables details and link fields as objects

  • Logging settings for handling logging in a logging site. Check renovation_logging

  • Additional settings in SMS settings to handle JSON requests and '+' as prefix to mobile numbers.

  • Utility function to translate fields of docs fetched through APIs (mainly guest users).