Powerful & Flexible dashboards can give you a quick glimpse of your business.
Dashboards in Renovation can be custom made in any form you want. You can implement custom logic to them, have them work in your way.
There are two main doctypes, Renovation Dashboard & Renovation Dashboard Layout. The Renovation Dashboard is a single dashboard item, it can be a bar or a pie graph. Renovation Dashboard Layout can be then used to lay out these graphs of yours in a way that fits your needs.

Renovation Dashboard Layout

Layouts can be made easily. Just create a new Renovation Dashboard Layout, specify a title for it and start listing all the dashboards in the order you require, with their sizes (widths & heights). You can specify if the items can resized / rearranged. Priority and Roles can give you more finer controls in making it work for your needs.

Renovation Dashboard

These form the basic building block of your dashboard. You can mention the title , subtitle and other required parameters. There are various properties on this document on which you will need more information on:
  • Type Decides what kind of dashboard this is going to be. It will take values list | lines | bar | pie | percent | change | simple | list .
  • Is Standard check this to make a python module for your dashboard
  • Custom Caching when checked, it will look for a clear_cache_on_doc_events on the module where you can manage the cache yourself. This is helpful when the cache needs to be cleared in a more finer way.
  • Exc Type
  • cmd
  • params
  • roles
  • Purge Cache